Helping and Rehoming Guinea Pigs in Need in Devon

Barney and Lars

Barney (tri-coloured) and Lars (white) are a pair of males looking for a special new home and are now ready to reserve. Barney is 18 months old and Lars is 5 weeks. They are getting on really well together and love to snuggle up in piles of hay.

Barney used to be very shy of people but now loves to stand up at the side of the cage to get his belly tickled.  Lars was born here to a rescue mum and has been handled every day so he is teaching Barney that people are ok really.
Cocoa and Guiness

These lovely brothers are 18 months old and looking for a new home together.  They were very shy and had not been handled much before they came to us but are now much more confident with people and ready to go to a forever home of their own.  They enjoy veggies and cuddles.  Guinness is extremely nosy and is the first to be on top of his house trying to see what is going on in the guinea room!

They have the most amazingly soft, dense coats; Cocoa has long hair at the back which makes little curls and Guinness has grey hair underneath with black on top.  These sweet boys are ready to reserve now.
Rosie and Jemima

Both of these lovely girls are under a year old and came to us separately. They were both young accidental mums, Rosie in particular was only a very young girl when she gave birth to four babies of her own due to having been left in with her father & brothers.

The girls get on well and particularly love a good gallop around at playtime. Jemima has amazing curly whiskers and a teddy / swiss-type coat, Rosie has lovely smooth hair.

Morten and Archie

These very characterful boys are four months old, the sons of Jemima and Rosie. They get on really well and love doing 'zoomies' round their enclosure.

Archie is smooth coated but Morten has incredibly long & lustrous locks so will need regular brushing & the odd trim to keep his hair in great condition.

 If you want a pair of guineas to keep you entertained with their silly antics then these are the boys for you! 
Cornelius and Sable

Here are the lovely boys Cornelius and Sable ready for adoption. Cornelius is an Abyssinian cross type with lovely black and fudge-coloured hair and his brother Sable is mostly black with a ridgeback. They are just about a year old.

They were very timid boys when they came to us but have become much more trusting of people and are now ready to find a family of their own.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about them.

Normski is a lovely agouti male about 1.5 years old looking for a friend & a home of his own.  He is a gentle giant, quite shy of people still but loves going out on the grass & is very happy munching away on dandelion leaves. 

Normski is available for boar-dating.